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by almost i. you know don't make sense i don't want to be consider a person deaths committed on the side but that's what every. six to two executions and the only kill bit achan seen was myself and i refused to look into the mirror. he nearly took the life for a washington and couldn't help but wonder if there were others. research now shows that for every nine executions there is one inmate found innocent and exonerated. one out of ten who might have been mistakenly put to death. next to the financial survival john today was all about money laundering first to visit this confession just a different. oh good this is
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a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in your something in america or something overseas or the cayman islands it will pull these banks are complicit in their tough talk or soon to suffer didn't fall and say ok i'm ready to do some serious wounds ok let's see how we did while we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacey all beautiful jewelry and how about. carlos diaz bill again from ash do you know what money laundering is highly illegal thank you so much president bush. exists is holland kentucky. over all of these moves the places you could walk around st fanny's blame only. a co money city with the most snow cone minds left. the jobs are gone all the polis
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just said. that it was a laugh to see these people a survivor of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super manager killian erroneous and spending suited to twenty million one fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else want to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy my great so what more chance for.
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peace is minute. it's. nearly two years after the bombing the trial was about to begin. karen left her home in new hampshire early to arrive for the opening statements. it was the first time she had scenes are naiads since the arraignment. inside the court room karin and the other survivors were seated just twenty feet away he refused to look at them. the defense team would make the case that so cars are najaf was unduly influenced by his older brother. the prosecutors would argue that he was fully responsible for his actions. many victims shared their experiences
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including the father of eight year old martin who described having to choose between comforting his dying son and saving his daughter. over the next four weeks karen and other survivors relive the horror of the bombing. they reached out to each other for support. coming to court it was amazing how quickly and how close we all got it with where like a family. but her husband ron stayed away. since the bombing ron has changed and it's a hard thing to watch the man that you. struggle so desperately and be so angry he's just not the same as he was before the federal jury convicted the hearts are naive and all thirty counts he was facing for the boston marathon bombing just eleven hours the jury found our native guilty of all charges now they would decide
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if he should be put to death. the survivors were divided. karin's friend celeste was for a death sentence. the richards not wanting to go through years of appeals but decided against it. it's a long tough process to really examine. why you feel what you feel. you really have to look at yourself. pretty hard to decide. as soon as vicki and sil learned the identity of the man who raped and murdered their daughter vicki wanted to know more. i wanted to i want to know why i wonder stan what he did why was this going forward like that what was going on where was his background with that to talk to his mother i can't stand who he was vicki
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located troy graves mother and gave her a call we're on the phone together for many many hours in tears just tear sobbing with each other i said but i want just to understand what you are going there i want to share with what i'm going through and maybe we can help each other. and learn from each other and just come to some kind of peace with all this because god you must be going to a terrible time to wash yourself you know and she says oh this is she or i. agree of some other blamed herself for her son's actions and i said i don't think of what when he said she said it got more and more violent and i. and my kids would come to me and it say please mom lets go of this is a bad danny's best i was telling them i can't i don't have a job i don't have you know education i can't support you oh my god how can i be angry. vickie began meeting with inmates on death row.
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she discovered a system of victims on all sides we can just hear she and say mom and dad now that you know about the system the terrible flaws in the bias the racial the geographic bias of cost cost issues they don't get the lawyers just all that i can or not you know what you can and do upon. they began advocating across the country and quickly found that many people thought all victims wanted the death penalty. they say that the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite and we've been through this this isn't the way you loose chop or you die. hard and. so you have to you have to learn to live with this hole in your heart. either we
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can continue to do well on it and john of well up the misery and sustain that misery that. that we incurred because of what was going on or are we can we can try and force things to change the extent we can counter their grief by sharing their story and providing testimony that would influence death penalty legislation. losing a loved one to murder it's a tragedy on imaginable proportions this all happened to her testimony helped maryland become the eighteenth state to repeal capital punishment i've told my daughter story now twenty two different states and i have seen the tremendous effect of this whole system on murder victims' family members. in an ongoing tribute to the memory of their daughter vicki and still continue their efforts to end the death penalty.
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in boston nearly three weeks had passed since our nail was found guilty but the federal jury had yet to make a decision about whether he should be put to death. karen went to the courthouse nearly every day. over the course of the trial she had become one of the main spokespersons in media contacts for the survivors. but for now there was nothing to do but wait. you mean suddenly a text from a clerk inside alerted her that the jury was close to a decision. and they're going to be coming out of it starting any time now i would prefer it be you know and the death penalty just because i think that's a fair thing the right thing. is awful if that is. i think it's the just
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thing that's what i'm hoping. and we are coming on the air because the jury deciding the fate of boston marathon bombers are hard and i have has reached a verdict. they have sentenced him to death. news of the verdict traveled fast thanks know that there is still a long road ahead but right now it feels like we can take a breath and thank you. actually breathe again you know without even realizing all the crap. once in a hurricane and it's like now we can start here don't point. was son lives fate sealed karen began the long drive home. i don't think it evens the score i don't think that it teaches anybody anything. i don't believe that it's going to be a deterrent to the next young man who has anger but i just think that's nothing no
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other choice in my mind that is fair. after seventeen years and sixty two executions jerry's time as executioner came to an abrupt end. in the midst of preparing for another execution he was subpoenaed by a grand jury and accused of money laundering gerry claimed he was innocent but the court found him guilty. the sunday after his sentencing gerry's long held secret about his role as executioner became public. they printed in the paper they say the men that carry out execution orders for this data but ginia was found guilty once i was out i mean
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i'm exposed so i gotta come forward i got them a why is this in the truth about this fair. why me know all because i didn't see you i don't want you to have to go through what happened go to. gerry served his time he learned that earl washington received a full pardon and after seventeen years was finally released from prison about four percent of the guys that have executed and they stuck out that they were innocent so in napa earle's case you know a place doubt here to find out that innocent people were there on death row. after serving his time jerry worked hard to rebuild his life. he began speaking out against the death penalty one of the few executioners to do so we need to do that we need to change and i didn't enjoy killing people so what
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can we do to prevent these things from happening. jerry thought often about washington if i ever get to see him i want to say oh you know i'm sorry but i'm glad that things didn't go in a way there was plan to go and i'm glad to see you on a side because i can apologize to you at that take your life you know at that i pad biden that's it. i'm glad i didn't get it tested so i apologize to the name thank in a way i thought she was guilty. jerry decided to visit her to talk with him face to face.
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though it had been many years jerry and earl swapped stories and quickly we discovered a shared custody that's all you know one day i was mad and i was in eighty five. i want to ritual fall and spring street ok that's what it looked each year you know i won the world we're going to you know went through your mind not doing it he was innocent oh mama he did a whole war and she aborted ratio of like get me through the kitchen just. this is a good thing that i didn't give it you know because outing at a wedding he didn't do anything wrong. and also isn't something that i would have to face. but to see him crossing that bridge into meet him in hollywood this is a bit of. a myth. you don't know because you're much too.
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her. the trumpet juggernaut continues on all fronts is he remaking the western world or merely isolating the u.s. also is north korea coming out of the cold and much much more on this edition of crossfire.
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get a phone you know i don't have what was the last time that you went on the internet no i'm not using to meet these village is it safe to say. are you sure there's new music ters there that all good maybe should do the baby doesn't cost him his that is the. one who was going to say we're building only for. is dead as part of that was a good deed. that was worked out it was. previously. yes' and no they are being formed in love where in terms of the member of the society. he left. them.
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i can imagine. i don't know i wasn't there but i can imagine a rush of defending its national interests in a way that doesn't help the hawks in the united states but couldn't has this image of such a hard guy. and i would only blame him for not caring about american public opinion anymore because it seems like no matter what he does this is an unfair response number less one thing is it's gotten very personal. whether the as he should be. one of the few more so if you mean what because. the supreme court and we are well me and the most of the fancy.
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stuff. what i was was a. double movement. in school i'm. only interested in the prison instead of instead of the watch music. coming from the.
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winter is that and there have been removed can you hear me. hello again welcome to day five of the world cup and it's a big one so you for england and chinese you who clash down in volgograd both sets of fans have been taking in the sights on the banks of the volga ahead of the guy. is among the fans involved rather and he's been putting their full four winning skills to the test. it's all looking. for.
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we're going to have a little bit of the game the idea here is. the sixty eight zero five six seven. right now sweden taking on south korea the second half has just started me and it is still neal neal as it stands. so these laws on day five of this world cup where the sun has been shining hasn't it on the small it seems in this but will england belgium and sweden casts a cloud over the so-called weekend off was issued today we're joining me to talk through it all is the man united boss jason marino jr now you've been watching the first half they have my first week in south korea nil nil who's got the upper hand you think. i think the good news is he's. about to start from.
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seoul korea. always throwing. around try to talk. sometimes on the left but most of the on the right. being really dangerous in fast country and faster incisions is really powerful and fast. the big chance of the game was a swedish one and i have to say probably the best save of the tournaments until now is a fantastic reaction then i feel. the swedish stronger than the north korean india. and every situation their hands with across all the corner. that the injuries there the south koreans are defending zone oh so when you defend zonal against players that more powerful than you are. and if you don't have any kind of body contact that helps you to individual. they can can
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see the world in a set piece so would you go sweden at this stage no no no not at all but i just feel that one game one can win it for both fights and i see korea if they score should be or has to be in a counterattack situation. sweden to score must must be a situation for me that starts with the cross and probably hands with. only the second ball in the box ok well we'll keep our eye on it moving on england the final game tonight in a different group. and have taught you a lot about this one and the feeling is that england are favorites here that tactically how do you think they'll approach it oh i think it was very clear. in the last period of their preparation even the last qualification matches it was going always with a story in the back with two bags you have solutions on the left with ashley young
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with the new rules you have solutions on on the right we. walk about for a week or a walk or players on on the story and it has all. options that have a good season with spurs and then he doesn't want eric in to play a lonely in attack and probably he will be surrounded by people that likes to play on the inside story including. this kind of players england has the players has a tactical system that if you play against an inferior team creates them problems because you project the two full backs almost as a winger and you bring people to the inside and in between the lines meaning they used to call it the pockets. so i thinking of it as more than enough to win it but to news you know that for friendlies and i know friendlies are for in this but they do in portugal they lost in spain. we. mean it is
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seven eighty eight so i think the kind of african team with a newbie and such lots of players being in europe they have the culture of and also played particularly mentally strong. i'm not so sure that is going to be an easy a match to ok and then moving on to belgium panama the other game in that group i suppose belgian have similar sorts of problems today tonight regard to like england doing against an easier yeah but the news is a better place and for them i guess i don't know them well i confess they play in. almost all of them which is difficult to to follow the tunisian players all of them to be. in libyan football and they have a different kind of experience and i think the team has to be better panama qualify this group in the context of qualified you to wally mean a ninety something. i really don't know but i don't see.
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as strong as estimates and with regard to belgium to you they have we are of keep getting told the golden generation of players have. can they go in the stone and potentially will last in belgium when will the new generation. i don't know maybe thirty years ago or so. but after a period. of a little bit of of shuttles now they have not the team they have a squad they have a fantastic sport all the players are playing in the best leagues in the world in the best clubs in the world lots of experience at the club level champions the premier and the all the players playing at the top and the solutions are immense you look even to the players that were not selected and they are good players a team that leaves. out of the thing just three must be an amazing sports and to
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say in england i could see other names that the. national team built have a place ok now before all this storm and started to make some predictions for us to get i think on the production side of print i'll be able to think a little bit little bit of a funny feeling and trying to bring some well some salt and pepper to it i think you've done alright the salt and pepper let's have a look at what jerry's ice let's have a great day can we we know that there was a prediction that you require and russia would get active it can we see it there it is russia and europe was there a good position was there almost almost that russia needs russia needs a draw against the. job done and enjoys a two on two. like a great play then let's go into great big joe as i said spain and portugal. and the title says and it's only one game so if iran portugal but nothing to tell you we just need you just need to be careful when you play against iran you cannot lose
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against iran because if you're on the six points it's qualified and one of the big ones the result so i think it's just not to lose against not to lose. against iran and then we look in small rock obviously portugal and spain to try to win the next six points finish both with seven and my prediction was spain to finish for some portugal finish second yes which i think will happen because i think spain normally can score more goals than us right i was going to say let's have a look at that one. jos i said france a strong idea the title says france denmark yeah but you saw how they lost yes australia lost not deserving to lose in my opinion they lost but showing clearly that they were competing for points and if they compete that's where you're going strong i still think the can do obviously a better result against one of the games but look so my prediction you steal
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bookies a little bit you have your great take argentina nigeria. and you're in here i think i'm going to toulouse with nigeria not just because they lost the match but specially because the way they lost. i didn't like at all when i look to paper i like many of the players i like. the names i saw nigerians typically strong african country but i was disappointed. when i see a player like john obi mikel to play has a tan. is impossible to be good with playing as a pen because i think nigeria lost a good six to get the best time and he gives no dynamic to the to the team playing in that position so i believe that grew issue with these three points is in a good position to qualify ok that's fair enough pay the end there we had brazil
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and switzerland. let's move on to creeping here it is. serbia brazil said he didn't . good i didn't like silver did look good so i told the media my predictions that i was not thinking that serbia was going home i was wishing that serbia was going home which is a different thing because i want i want my man to go on on a holiday but i knew that they have so many good players they are strong they're mature they really want to do it i know many of them i know the spirit test will be many many times in my teach about the feeling of the serbian players to go to the world cup and they look really strong but you could see that when switzerland got a point against brazil obviously they can get three against costa rica probably they can get one against serbia and then if they go to five.


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